ONE Musicfest Community Impact

An informational guide for navigating ONE Musicfest as a Piedmont Park community member.

Event Dates

ONE Musicfest 2023 will be held in Piedmont Park on Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29.

Event Hours

Saturday 10/28: 12pm - 11pm
Sunday 10/29: 12pm - 10:30pm

Amplified Sound

There will be amplified sound during performances and sound checks.

Sound Checks:
Thursday 10/26: 4pm - 9pm (after school hours)
Friday 10/27: 4pm - 9pm (after school hours)
Saturday 10/28: 8am - 12pm
Sunday 10/29: 8am - 12pm

Street & Lane Closures

Updated 10/18/23
In the interest of public and pedestrian safety,
10th Street NE between Monroe Drive & Piedmont Avenue will be closed
Friday, October 27 @ 11:00pm until Monday, October 30 @ 6:00am

Attn: 10th Street Residents:
Residents on 10th Street between Piedmont Ave & Myrtle St will be granted access by identifying yourself to the police check-point at Piedmont Ave.

Access to 10th Street east of Myrtle Ave will be restricted to residents only by display of a festival-issued access pass at the police check-point at 10th Street & Myrtle St. A valid ID displaying the home address on 10th Street will also be accepted.

9th Street, Argonne Ave, Taft Ave, & Herndon Way residents will gain access by police check-points on Argonne Ave and 8th Street.

RESIDENT ACCESS PASSES will be distributed door-to-door on all impacted streets. Residents may also pick up Access Passes by visiting the Piedmont Park Community Center (1071 Piedmont Avenue) from Tuesday, October 24 - Friday, October 27 (12:00pm - 8:00pm)


The following streets are affected by lane closures without interruption to vehicular traffic.

EB Parking Lane of 10th St
Between Charles Allen Dr & Monroe Dr
10/20 - 11/1

EB Parking Lane of 10th St
Between Taft & Charles Allan Dr
10/26 - 10/30

NB Parking Lane of Charles Allen Drive
Between 8th & 10th
10/26 - 10/30

SB Parking Lane of Charles Allen Drive
Between 10th & 8th
10/26 - 10/30

NB Curb Lane of Piedmont Ave
Between 11th & 14th
10/28 - 10/29

The following street is affected by a closure to vehicular traffic.

WB Traffic Lane of 10t St
Between Monroe Dr & Piedmont Ave
10/27 PM - 10/30 AM

*Note: EB traffic on 10t St to remain open.

The following streets are barricaded to limit vehicle traffic to Resident Access Only on October 28 - 29, 2023:

11th St east of Piedmont Ave
12th St east of Piedmont Ave
Park Drive west of Monroe
Orme Circle west of Monroe
Elmwood Dr west of Monroe
Cresthill Ave west of Monroe

*Note: during special events, illegal parking fines may increase significantly for parking in a posted residential parking area without a city-issued residential parking permit.

Resident Access Only Dash Passes

Community members with vehicles that need to navigate past traffic barricades on Resident Access Only Streets may obtain vehicle dash passes.
  • Pick-up location: Piedmont Park Community Center, 1071 Piedmont Avenue
  • Pick-up times: Tuesday, Oct 24 - Friday, Oct 27, 12pm - 8pm

Proof of residency is required to obtain Dash Passes for Resident Access Only streets: (1) a valid ID, or (2) most recent utility bill Or a recent lease agreement.

**Residents of apartment or condominium buildings on affected streets may be able to access dash passes from your management office. Participating buildings will be updated here.

Dash passes visually enable more efficient communication to officers posted at traffic barricades that the vehicle is attributed to a local address, rather than an event patron or general traffic.

Dash Passes do not provide parking on Resident Access Only streets. All standard and posted parking laws still apply on the other side of the traffic barricades.

Impacted neighbors who are unable to obtain a vehicle dash pass during Dash Pass Distribution should be prepared to:
  • (1) identify yourself as a Resident to the traffic officer at the barricade
  • (2) if requested, present ID with your residential address (and a recent utility bill if your address is not up to date with your ID)

Park Access & Map

Please see this map to identify points of access to the park during event load-in and load-out.

Waste Management

Should there be a large accumulation of attendee-related trash on your property (keep in mind most of the clean-up occurs overnight and in the morning of each event day), please submit a Community Input Submission online to report the exact location of the waste. Submission link can be accessed in the Community Input section below.

Submit Support Submission Here

The clean up crew will begin working each day of the event from the outside (in the neighborhood) to the inside (within the park). Clean up crews may be cleaning in the streets overnight until roughly 3am, returning at daylight for anything previously unseen.

ONE Musicfest is placing portable toilets near the exits of the gated festival area.


Rideshare drop-off / pick-up zones are located at: Piedmont Avenue @ 12th Street AND Monroe Drive @ 8th Street

Community Input

Please submit submissions with general feedback and for support requests here.

Submit Community Input Submission Here

A team member will respond accordingly as soon as possible.

*Note that all submissions are automatically shared with the NPU-E Chair for visibility, and are anonymously discussed in the post-festival debrief with representatives from the ONE Musicfest production teams, Department of Parks, Midtown Neighbors Association, NPU-E, and NPU-F. All emergencies should be reported to 911.
We have worked with the City of Atlanta to ensure we have a plan in place which maximizes convenience to all of our neighbors and minimizes overall impact to the street and circulation patterns for area residents and businesses. We have also coordinated the breakdown of the event to return your sidewalks, streets, and park to you as soon as possible.  

Your neighborhood will be enjoyed by thousands of music lovers; we hope you are among them. Rest assured both city and event safety personnel are in place to ensure the entire neighborhood enjoys this celebration in a peaceful and safe manner.