DJ Rasta Root

Dj Rasta Root travelled the world for the first 27 years of his life. He was exposed to various languages and cultures. Having lived in countries such as Canada, Guatemala, Brazil, England, Holland, Abu Dhabi, Spain and Japan; he experienced musical instruments such as the japanese taiko drum and the brazilian batucada. The instrument that peaked his interest the most was the Technics 1200 turntable. Even though he is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and conversational in Japanese, the language he loves the most is music. And it is with the 1200 that he has the ability to seamlessly mix and deliver an aural soundscape that truly touches peoples’ souls.

Rasta Root often says that his method of mixing is simple arithmetic with a touch of soul. Being able to count bars and execute the most impossible mixes with laser-like precision, is what sets him apart form the other turntable linguists. His dj technique is a style-less style or a hybrid of turntablism merged with club mixing.

His formidable global experience growing up has helped him in his dj travels thus far. Whether it’s rockin’ for 18,000 screaming Bogota hip hop fans at Rap Al Parque or playin’ a cavi New Years party in Makati, Philippines, you are sure to experience something special and like no other.