DJ Fudge

DJ Fudge is a respected name in the Atlanta music community where he is well known through his affiliations with such popular events as Fantastic Fridays, The Power Up, and Nodfactor2. DJ Fudge is no stranger to rocking audiences far and wide. With residencies as such places as MJQ Concourse, and many other Atlanta night life venues, Fudge has had the experience of rocking for many different types of people. DJ Fudge is an active member of the 5 Star Generals DJ crew, The Scratch Academy of New York, and the We A Problem DJ Collective.

DJ Fudge also appears regularly on the “Techniques”radio show on W.R.E.K, 91.1 with The Wrecking Crew Allstars. Fudge also produces a series of mix-tapes which include: “Monday Monsoon”, which taps into the Deep House vein, "Full Metal Joints", an independent Hip Hop mix-tape and "Hush Hush", an instrumental mix-tape series. If you see DJ Fudge listed on any event be prepared to dance and sweat, because partying is not an option when DJ Fudge on the tables!