Durrty Martinez

How many Hondurans do you know? Probably none, maybe you met one, once upon a time in your life. I bet you've never met one that can instantly satisfy your audible cravings in one set list; a line up of music that takes you on a journey of every decade and back to the present, as if you've been alive forever. 
- Meet Durrty Martinez: he is that Honduran. 
- Born in Honduras but an ATLien by blood, Durrty spins a variety of XYZ tunes (Old School, Indi,Hip Hop, Rock, 80s-now and more). His connection between brain, musical ear, ability to sense the crowd's vibe and quick hands on the turntables, Durrty can bring any crowd of any kind to their feet, in any environment Festivals, Clubs, Music Shows, Weddings, special celebrations..