ONE Musicfest is as much of a cultural event as it is a music festival. Fans of all different backgrounds come out to listen to the hottest artists in the most fly outfits they can come up with, and OMF 2016 was no exception. Tribal prints were seen often, the headwear game was stronger than ever, and accessories were used to add additional flair to each outfit. Keeping comfort and ease in mind, here are some of the most fashionable moments from ONE Musicfest 2016 to help inspire your 2017 outfit.

The Best Looks from ONE Musicfest 2016

Inspired by the 90’s, this fan is rocking a statement outfit for sure. The ripped denim, fuzzy bikini top, and visor combo is nothing short of amazing. She completes her look with some fun face jewels and hoops for daaaaays, take note cause she just SLAYED.

This is one hip-looking couple right here. Piercings and tattoos are, not only welcomed but encouraged at ONE Musicfest. And don’t forget your watch so you don’t miss your favorite artist.

Anderson Paak is known for his funky beats, energetic performances, and style. He killed the stage before he even stepped on with this outfit. Stripes, dots and tribal prints are a staple seen around OMF so don’t be afraid to take your boldest shirts out of the closet this year.

This trio is truly untouchable. Black on black is never a bad idea, a flowy breezy white sundress will keep you cool all day, and a fun jumper with crazy cut-outs is genius, all finished with comfortable shoes for dancing all day long. Do you think you and your crew can one up these three?

One of the most important things you can do for yourself at ONE Musicfest is wearing comfortable shoes. It is one long day of walking, standing, dancing, jumping and running all around Lakewood. It’s safe to say this little lady has the most fly kicks in the festival, and that jumpsuit isn’t too bad either.

And never forget to show off where you come from and who you are.


Goddess is all there is to say. Braids, beads, and blue lipstick, you really can’t go wrong with that look. But her confidence is the sexiest thing about this picture, wear something that makes you feel as great as you look. from Dead Prez and his wife, Afya Ibomu, are doing everything right. Mom’s rocking a tie up crop top with a leather skirt and dad and son are styled in some funky tribal, and don’t overlook the little chain on stic’s kid — toooo cute!

Your Turn To Slay Is Coming

ONE Musicfest 2016 was full of great performances and great fashion and this year will be no exception. Some helpful tips when putting together your outfit: comfortable shoes are a must, jewelry can really take your look to the next level, try to incorporate your bag into your outfit for a complete look, and most importantly, BE CONFIDENT! If you are comfortable in your outfit it’ll show on the outside. Never be afraid to flaunt what you got and KNOW you look good doing it.


– Alyssa Schell is from Austin, Texas and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. She studied Advertising and Music Business at the University of Georgia and is currently an intern for ONE Musicfest.