So, you’re planning to rock out with us at ONE Musicfest!  If this will be your first time experiencing ONE Musicfest, there are some things you should do in advance to prepare yourself.  Our event holds 11 hours of non-stop music, two music stages, three DJ stages, a food truck village, merchant vendors, live artists’ gallery and sponsor activations! Grab your tickets and read below for eight tips to make the most of your experience:

1) Plan ahead for the best OMF experience possible. Make a game plan for which artists you want to see. There will be multiple artists performing, some simultaneously, so you have to know when and where they are going to play. Some artists on your list may have performance times that are close together, so plan to leave one stage a little early to catch the next performance. Planning ahead will ensure that you see each desired artist.

2) Get a Map and the OMF App. A map of Lakewood Amphitheatre will be your new best friend at the festival. From our app, you will know where everything is from bathrooms, stages, food trucks and merchandise. Download the ONE Musicfest app for a venue map, performance schedules, and up-to-the-minute updates.  It is a helpful tool to help you get the most out of ONE Musicfest!

Android Download | Mac OS Download

3) Get there early. If you arrive at the venue early, you can peep the scene, pick out the best spot on the lawn, or pit, beat the crowds in food and drink lines, and check out the merchants before it gets too busy. OMF has AMAZING live artists painting throughout the festival so be sure to check them out.

4) Sunglasses, Hats, and Sunscreen. Please, please protect yourself from the elements. Hats.  Shades.  Towels.  Visors.  Sunscreen – all good ideas.  Atlanta is called Hotlanta for a reason! Besides, a cute hat and the right pair of sunnies will complete your look.  We will have roaming photographers on site, so you better look fly for the paparazzi!

5) Comfortable Shoes and Clothing.  You will walk A LOT. Wear your Fitbit and break all sorts of records. Of course, you want to look cute, so prepare your outfit in advance. Comfortable shoes, as well as, clothing with loose, breathable fabrics and are advised to help keep cool from the summer heat.

6) Water. Hydrate.  Hydrate.  Hydrate.  You cannot bring any outside beverages to the festival, but if you purchase a bottle of water from the concessions area you can refill it for FREE all day!  You cannot drink too much water at ONE Musicfest.  Anyway, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the delicious food and “grown-up drinks” we’re mixing up for you.

7) Portable phone charger. Charge up that sucker overnight. When your phone battery is low you’re going to need that portable charger.  You don’t want to have to stop taking video, photos, and selfies just because your phone died. I mean, if you attend ONE Musicfest and didn’t Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram it, did you really attend?  There will be a few charging stations throughout the festival as well. Winning!

8) Cash.  Cash is always a good idea for an event like this. All vendors and food trucks accept cards, but cash makes every transaction go quicker!  

  1. Chelle
    Jun 05, 2017

    But we can still bring water with us right?

    • Oronike Oleyede
      Jul 07, 2017

      The venue doesn’t allowed any outside beverages whatsoever, however, if you buy a bottle of water in the concessions area they will refill it for free all day long!