10 Must Haves For Any Festival Lover

especially for #OMF2016 attendees

1) Ear Plugs


If you manage to get close to the stage you are going to want a pair. Only $12-$15 it wont stop your music experience and will keep your ears from ringing for weeks.

2) Fanny Packs

fanny1 fanny

Yes. We said it. A fanny pack. Now revamped, they come in many fashionable trends and colors to fit your style, but more importantly they can transport all your needed gear hands free.

3) Blankets

Cozy blanket


So you can layout on the lawn in a cozy-like-fashion! 

4) Portable Chargers

chargercharger 1

Music fests last all day so a portable charging case is the best way to capture all those moments and keep in touch with the world.

5) Bathroom Essentials

porta potty

We know you know the struggle so stay strapped and bring some of these essentials: baby wipes, tissue, hand sanitizer.

6) Cozy Clothes


If you’re moving and grooving and getting your dance on wear cozy clothes you don’t mind sweating in with closed toe shoes for that footwork action.

7) Sunglasses and Sunscreen


Georgia is HOT as we know but we don’t want you to burn so make sure you have your shades and sunscreen.

8) Sweat soakers


Fashionable bandanas or small towels will help all you party-goers stay cool and fresh.

9) Body accessories

glitter glitz

Get flashy and fancy with body glitter, jewels, and flash tattoos we want you to shine like the stars but remember less is more.


10) Parking spaces

park parking

We know how hard it is to find good parking just as much as you guys so get there early before those parking spots are gone.


For more info about what is acceptable to bring to Lakewood Amphitheater, please visit our FAQ or the Lakewood Amphitheater website.