DJ Aquaria

An artist, a trendsetter, a legacy in the making . . . DJ Aquaria is making waves in the world of DJing and her mission: to make a permanent mark in music history that will transcend generations and resonate the essence of the DJ culture. An extraordinary DJ, she brings a fusion of turntablism, remixing, and blending combined with a prevalent love for music of all forms to create innovating and brilliant resonances to the common listener.

Based out of Atlanta, Aquaria can be found spinning at a variety of events—including festivals, corporate functions, private events and more—, and is a regular contributor to several radio stations (WREK 91.1, WRFG 89.3, WRVZ 98.7 The Beat) and online radio broadcasts, respectively. She has shared the stage with several artists, including Algebra Blessett, Kilo Ali, and Montell Jordan, and is currently part of the band collective John Boy & Surround Sound, founded by the producer of “The Wobble” John Boy On The Track. Known for playing an array of different genres, she appeals to an eclectic audience, expanding her listenership globally with rhythmic soundtracks that shows her versatility in musical tastes.

To expose her extraordinary talents, DJ Aquaria is actively involved in the battling sector of DJing, having participated in several major national competitions since 2011. Through her skills and perseverance, she continues to gain accolades in various competitions—including the DMC Championships, Guitar Center Atlanta, and Winter Music Conference (WMC) DJ Spin Off battles—and has since become internationally renowned for her creativity, turntablism, and showmanship.

A perfectionist at heart, DJ Aquaria is a potent driving force in developing her style to new heights, raising standards in the way one would approach the creative view of DJing. Forthright, she is force to be reckoned with, and with her growing presence in the culture, she is prevailing as one of the greatest individuals to be involved in the art of DJing, one that will be watched upon for inspiration for years to come.